How to do a proper Kilt Check!

  • First ask permission! Some men are shy about stuff…
  • Make sure its an appropriate time and location, i.e. NOT in church or work!
  • Stand behind the kilted one and place your hand on the OUTER side of his knee.
  • Slide your hand up the OUTER thigh, feeling for underwear material (example: boxers) Use your free hand to make sure his kilt doesn’t “ride up” while you do this.
    • For a more genteel check, (Not Recommended) run the edge of your thumbnail up the outer thigh, OUTSIDE of the kilt, feeling for the “speed bump” that indicates undies.
  • Don’t be all day about it! A 5 to 10 count “up”, 5-10 count “at the top”, 5-10 count “down” should be more than sufficent! It’s not as if its hard to tell if its skin or skivvies, 30 seconds and the job *should* be done, even with “lingering”. 
  • If the man is indeed regimental (meaning you felt no undergarment material) then declare him to be so. Anything more is a different game!
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Old Scottish saying

Old Scottish saying –

If a kilt is worn above the knees, he’s a boy…a kilt worn at the knees, he’s a man….a kilt worn below the knees, he’s a liar.

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Scots & Scotch

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From Facebook..

kilt funny

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Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh in “Ancient Urquhart” tartan

Purchased this Kilt in the Ancient Urquhart tartan from outside of Edinburgh.

6B Newhalls Road South Queensferry Lothian Scotland EH30 9TA

Friendly shop, nice little village to visit if you’re in the neighborhood.

The photo was taken at Arthur’s Seat, the top of the hill behind Edinburgh Scotland. It’s really a must do hike unless it’s raining!


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How to be cool even if you aren’t in Scotland!

We need a kilt check video…submit yours and the best one will win a free t-shirt from our CafePress shop..

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A didley oh..

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Hiking up the Bump & Grind trail in Palm desert

I started at 5:30 and got to the top just before the sunrise….

And I’m wearing a t-shirt from the cafepress store!


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Me hiking in my kilt

This is me hiking in my kilt on the Art Smith Trail in Palm Desert CA early last spring. (And talking to a client on my cell…)

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