How to do a proper Kilt Check!

  • First ask permission! Some men are shy about stuff…
  • Make sure its an appropriate time and location, i.e. NOT in church or work!
  • Stand behind the kilted one and place your hand on the OUTER side of his knee.
  • Slide your hand up the OUTER thigh, feeling for underwear material (example: boxers) Use your free hand to make sure his kilt doesn’t “ride up” while you do this.
    • For a moreĀ genteel check, (Not Recommended) run the edge of your thumbnail up the outer thigh, OUTSIDE of the kilt, feeling for the “speed bump” that indicates undies.
  • Don’t be all day about it! A 5 to 10 count “up”, 5-10 count “at the top”, 5-10 count “down” should be more than sufficent! It’s not as if its hard to tell if its skin or skivvies, 30 seconds and the job *should* be done, even with “lingering”.
  • If the man is indeed regimental (meaning you felt no undergarment material) then declare him to be so. Anything more is a different game!